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FOLLOWING THE SIXTH SENSE / Kossakowski. Szósty Zmysł.

Program type: alternative medicine documentary
No. of seasons: 3 (Ukraine, Russia, The Balkans)
No. of episodes: 38 x 30′
Produced by Inbornmedia
Rights holder: TTV
Available in Polish

(Original title: Kossakowski. Szósty Zmysł.)

Does the sixth sense really exist? Are there healers capable of perceiving the world and their patients with more than just sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell? Our host visits herbalist, shamans, biotherapists, mediums, spiritual leaders and witch-doctors that local people advise him to see on his way through Eastern Europe. Kossakowski is not afraid of tasting magical potions, being cured by leeches or fire. In order to give you insight into the intriguing world of alternative medicine he undergoes various cleansing rituals, takes part in mystical séances and tries out traditional methods of treatment.