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Program type: travel & adventure series
No. of episodes: pilot episode (60′) shot in Ukraine
Available in English
Produced by Inbornmedia
Rights holder: Inbornmedia

ROCK THE ROAD is a unique travel show where American rocker, Ryan, records an entire rock album in 12 unique locations scattered ALL OVER THE WORLD. We treat music as the background for adventures of an unpretentious vocalist. During his trip we meet eccentric artists as well as some regulars and LEARN ABOUT LOCAL CUSTOMS through their eyes. Ryan integrates with people: he sleeps in their houses, eats and spends time with them.

At the beginning of every episode, Ryan describes what PART OF THE WORLD he is going to and who he will be meeting. He explains what made him visit the specific country.

As befits a rock man, Ryan doesn’t avoid American whiskey and local beverages. We all know the viewers don’t like well-behaved characters, so our host doesn’t pull any punches. Before he approaches the creative process he unites with musicians during a party IN THE NAME OF ROCK’N’ROLL.

What’s more Ryan has to experience what it is to live in a specific place. For example in the pilot episode in Ukraine he experiences life in villages deep in the mountains. He witnesses the killing a lamb which later he and his hosts will eat. He visits an old witch and realizes pagan magic still plays an important role in people’s lives there. He meets an instrument maker living far away from civilization who shows him his hand-made car!

Ryan has to feel like one of the inhabitants. Only after understanding them is he ready to discuss the shape of the song and write lyrics. Afterwards we start composing and playing. Rehearsal conditions can vary quite drastically as a Cambodian studio can be a big surprise as well as playing with Australian aboriginals in the jungle. Finally they are going to play a short concert, which concludes the episode. We invite local stars, but also less popular musicians, who are just interesting. For us, personality matters most.

Every episode guarantees maximum entertainment, but at the same time excites emotions. Every song is an opportunity for the artists to contribute to something larger than themselves, because finally, we are working on a rock album with people sharing their culture with the whole world.