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Jedziemy na Ryby (ENG: Anglers).

The heroes of the new documentary series „We’re going to fish!” are charismatic lovers of fishing. We will follow their humorous adventures, camping life and admire nature with them. We want to show exceptional friends who meet by the water to have a good time together. The fish are only an excuse here to tell about their relationship. They share not only a passion for fishing, they simply enjoy the time spent together, have fun, relax – they just have their own world. They forget about everyday worries by the water. For our heroes, fishing is not only a hobby, it is a way of life. In the series we will see groups of friends and families who often have impressive equipment, it can be said that they build small fishing „towns” out of tents by the water. They are prepared for any occasion, they can prepare delicious dishes on the field kitchens or fires, they play and sing together. One thing is for sure, everyone after watching the series „We’re going fishing!” longing for such a life, will want to be at least for a moment where our heroes are. Certainly, the program, full of adventures and good humor, will provide the viewers with many unforgettable impressions.