What will the world look like in the 5G era?
A new trailer for the documentary has appeared on the web.

In the film entitled “5G. The Speed of Wave”, we will see, amongst others, how virtual reality is used by obstetrics in Australia or how a Spanish company is testing products that do not yet exist. We will also look at what Polish gamers think about 5G or how the Korean application to fight coronavirus works. The film’s storytelling is divided into entertainment, education, medicine, work, and safety.

Paul Wilson, an international leader in Smart Cities, 5G, and Digital Transformation, leads the film‘s central narrative. “Some people are setting masts on fire to halt the arrival of 5G, others are using 5G to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Some fear electromagnetic radiation, others are using 5G to heal patients with remote surgery. 5G combines several technologies that together will unlock the next era of digital transformation in the economy, society, and even help us to better manage the environmental crisis. The film highlights numerous ways 5G is already being used for good.“ – says Paul.

The film is co-funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT Korea Communications Agency. Two companies were selected toproduce the film: Inbornmedia based in Poland and GH E&M Korea.Inbornmedia was responsible for the international version. “It was a challenge to manage filming in so many countries during the pandemic, but we made it. 5G is the hottest technological topic these days, and we are sure it will hit the T.V. screen across the world.” – says Maciej Pawełczyk, the CEO of Inbornmedia.

The film is distributed worldwide by Off the Fence and Principal Media in the U.S.


INBORNMEDIA is a T.V. production company existing on the market since 2005 and producing more than 150 hours of T.V. content a year for the broadcasters such as Discovery, BBC, Canal+, Polsat, TVP, TVN, etc. Inbornmedia is developing an international arm, with focus on the global market. Current projects involve partners and projects spanning several international markets including U.K., Europe, Asia and U.S.

GH E&M KOREA is a South Korean company that creates high-end content such as “King Lee, Kopino Boy”, which won the main prize at the Asia Rainbow TV Award in Macau and “Chef’s Salt”, with the main prize at the UHD Film Festival Seoul.

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