Inbornmedia Has Finished BBC Studios’ First Local Commission in Poland

Inbornmedia, established production company recognized for the array of widely acclaimed and successful commissions for broadcasters like Discovery, Canal+, Polsat, TVP and TVN, has just finished producing the series.

BBC Studios has joined forces with Polish production company, Inbornmedia, which has been responsible for an array of widely acclaimed and high-quality commissions for broadcasters, including Discovery, Canal+, Polsat, TVP, and TVN. The series was commissioned as part of BBC Studios’ on-going commitment to the Polish market and the desire to deliver the Polish audience programming that has strong local resonance.

The series, entitled “Spakowane Zycie” (English title “Packed Up Life”), is a six-part series following the lives of five removal companies as they help clients across Poland make their moves go smoothly. Whether transporting a treasured item, or a job that has to be done against the clock, each new commission has a real human story behind it.

Zbigniew Pruski, Commercial Director CEE for BBC Studios, said: When searching for ideas for BBC Brit’s first local commission, we looked at addressing our audience’s appetite for factual entertainment series that involve local human stories that would have an emotional and humorous twist to engage them, make them reflect on important matters but also entertain. “Packed Up Life” is a story of friendship, family, support, hardships of everyday life and twists of fate, where tough jobs and physical challenges are really just a background to a tale about people, their dreams, and struggles. We’re looking forward to bringing this title to our viewers and also inviting them to explore our wider offer on BBC Brit.

Maciej Pawelczyk, CEO Inbornmedia, said: We feel honored to have been selected by such a distinguished brand as BBC Studios for their first locally commission production in Poland. The removal business has turned out to be a great topic for a thrilling TV series – it’s dynamic, exciting, and easy to relate to. With all our experience, we are convinced that we have once again delivered a program that Polish viewers will love.

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